Dating Take 2: A Side Effect of Widowhood


Dating Take 2: A Side Effect of Widowhood
Tools & resources for a successful mid-life return to the dating scene. Tips for singles, too.

3. Be honest and examine WHY you want to date or be in a relationship. Trying to fill an empty space was not an empowering reason for me. If you need to do some personal work to complete about past issues, then take it on knowing it is part of your path to being ready to date again. You can do this through self-guided learning, therapy or coaching.

Following these three steps gave me the chance to consciously create a life I now love. After doing my Create Your Life Inventory, in addition to learning salsa, I chose to return to school to train as a life coach. Most importantly, I was able to shift my why about dating from needing to find someone to fill a hole.


Dating Take 2, I discovered, is a very different experience. These days, I do it to have fun...for now. And, as my wise friend tried to explain years ago, I date to get to know myself better. I am no longer in a rush to meet someone as there is no hole to fill and I know each new self-awareness moves me closer to being ready to share my life again with someone. I’ve put myself through my Me First coaching approach, developing a strong relationship with myself so I can now choose to be with someone instead of needing to be with them.

For more information on Me First coaching, check out  As a certified professional coach, I can guide you through your Create Your Life Inventory process to help you gain clarity, identify core values and develop the self-confidence to finally attract what you want, desire and deserve.  Contact me today to find out how.  Haven't you waited long enough?

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