You Animal! Take This Quiz To See How You Prowl


You Animal! Take This Quiz To See How You Prowl

Find out what an animal you really are. Take this quiz to reveal your love and relationship habits. Remember, when answering these questions, it’s important to be brutally honest with yourself.

1)   Which statement resonates with you in terms of achieving a long lasting loving relationship?
A -- It’s hopeless. At best, a relationship is way off into my future.
B -- Getting the man is easy, it’s the relationship, however, that means losing my freedom.
C -- I need a relationship. It’s where I thrive.
D -- I keep picking men that are married, players or somehow unavailable. I hope that one will pick me, but it’s not looking good.
E -- I have faith that a great relationship is totally possible. It’ll happen for me.


2)   Your style tends to be:
A -- Plain and comfortable with little to no makeup and jewelry. Your appearance is not
        your main focus.
B -- Sexy, elegant, fun and bold. You care about your appearance.
C -- You’re not sure because your focus is mostly on your man.
D -- What ever your man likes.
E -- Uniquely you, which includes being adventurous in trying new trends.

3)   Regarding a relationship, you:
A -- Actually feel safer dreaming about it than being in one.
B -- Fear or resent any compromise that you have to make.
C -- Roll up your sleeves, take charge and control of things needing to be done
D -- Do whatever he wants.
E -- Allow space for you to be you and for him to be him.

4)   How would you describe yourself?:
A -- Shy, introverted and possibly socially phobic.
B -- Outgoing, fearless, driven, passionate.
C -- Organized in thinking and behavior, especially in relationships.
D -- A people pleaser.
E -- Tolerant, flexible and easily adapts to most situations.

5)   What steps have you taken to find the love that you desire?
A -- I’ve taking no action steps, or, I’ve taken action (got an online dating profile, dating coach) but haven’t followed through.
B -- I go to bars, singles events, but am impatient with the results.
C -- I keep hoping that my old boyfriend will come back to me.
D -- I’m settling for crumbs.
E -- I have a coach, therapist or take personal empowerment classes. I am committed to my dreams, which includes a loving relationship with myself and with a man.

6)   What do you tell yourself about not having the love of your dreams at this time?
A -- I’m comfortable where I am.
B -- I’m too busy, or, I’m too self sufficient for a relationship.
C -- I’m lost without him, or, I’m lost without a relationship.
D -- I’m not worthy or deserving of love.
E -- I created what I’ve experienced so far and see benefit in all of it. I’m excited to be on this love journey. Love is happening for me.

This article was originally published at Tamara Green. Reprinted with permission.
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