Finding Empowerment through Change


Finding Empowerment through Change

The most important lesson is knowing that the challenges we experience are here for a reason.  I have a picture in my kitchen that says “the most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the water and polished to brilliance by life’s strongest storms.”  I truly believed through this experience that I was becoming more.  I was challenged to the core of my soul.   I learned to walk my talk and to see the blessings in this experience that have made me not only stronger but more compassionate, more joyful and more appreciative of life and love.  I thank Spirit for helping me to see there is a Higher Purpose both for myself and my children’s lives.  It has allowed us to grow through the grief and the pain and to move through the experiences to become more of who we are.  We now are ready to experience more Life, more Love and more Joy.

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