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Finding Empowerment through Change

Finding Empowerment through Change

Do you feel like everything around you is changing?  Does it seem that everyone you talk with is experiencing not just small changes in their lives, but huge monumental change?  How can we not only live through these changes, but become a more empowered individual?

In the last eight years, my life has been turned inside out and backwards.  In 2001, my husband had cardiac arrest on a 50 mile bike ride on a boy scout outing.  David was a creative, intelligent, fun-loving person with a can-do attitude to tackle every challenge.  David lived through this experience for 5 years, however; he was brain injured and disabled until his passing in 2006.  As his caregiver for these years, I became a much stronger woman.  I would like to share insights of my learning through this experience that can help you as you move through changes in your life.

First, go with the flow.   This is easy to say but difficult to do.  It begins with knowing we have no control even though our mind and ego wants us to believe we do.   Begin the day and through each moment with affirmations such as ‘God is in charge of my life’ or ‘I Let Go and Let God.’   This may seem simplistic but by allowing Spirit to be in charge allows us to let go of the stress that we have control.   Take time daily to meditate, center in Spirit, feel the Universe as bigger than us.   Ask – it is true that asking Spirit for help moves us out of the feeling that we are all alone out here.

Keep a sense of humor!   This is vital.   Learn to laugh at yourself – really with yourself.   The Universe truly has a sense of humor and invites us to laugh with it.  Try not to take things personally or too seriously.   Stay away from the news and other depressing subjects.   Watch and read things that make you laugh out loud.  Take some time to be with fun-loving and care-free people.  Find the joy and humor in everything you can – laugh with others – not at others!  I remember a friend coming to visit while my husband was ill and saying to me as I cracked a joke “you haven’t lost your sense of humor.”  This made me realize it was one of the things I still had and it was a source of getting me through some of the darkest days.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Take time to pamper yourself.   Baths became my best friend!   It was a time to be alone to think, to meditate, away from distractions where even the dogs couldn’t follow me into the room.  If baths aren’t your escape, find a hobby.  If possible get out into nature for a walk.

The most important lesson is knowing that the challenges we experience are here for a reason.  I have a picture in my kitchen that says “the most beautiful stones have been tossed by the wind and washed by the water and polished to brilliance by life’s strongest storms.”  I truly believed through this experience that I was becoming more.  I was challenged to the core of my soul.   I learned to walk my talk and to see the blessings in this experience that have made me not only stronger but more compassionate, more joyful and more appreciative of life and love.  I thank Spirit for helping me to see there is a Higher Purpose both for myself and my children’s lives.  It has allowed us to grow through the grief and the pain and to move through the experiences to become more of who we are.  We now are ready to experience more Life, more Love and more Joy.


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