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Do You Know You Will Implant the Seeds of Your Past Onto Your Child?


The seeds planted in your childhood will all sprout onto your children in one form or another.

A flower drops it's seeds and grows more of the same flowers. Seeds taken from a plant and replanted, grows the same plant. Trees bear gifts and those gifts have seeds that reproduce the same tree.

As parents, you will implant the seeds of your past onto your children. You will continue to grow your offspring based on the seeds that have been planted in you, from childhood. Seeds of your past. How you view life, how you interact daily, your values and morals and your relationships.

You pass on what you know. What you believe to be true.

Have you ever questioned if what you believe is working? Or where they came from?

Just because someone told you so, doesn't make it so.

We all, to some degree or another, grow up thinking our parents are Gods. We hang on their every word and trust what they are modeling is the way things are and should be.

At some points in our lives we are met with resistance and begin to question some of what we were taught. But not all. Some people live their whole life hanging on to every word, behavior and nuance of their parents.

Do you still behave in a way that met your parents approval as a child?

You do realize, that you have nearly 100% chance to do the same to your kids, right? You can't resist away what you don't want. Even making conscious efforts aren't always the answer because the programming you are acting/reacting on is in your subconscious.

What that means is, your behavior becomes automatic. Your subconscious makes 95+% of your  daily decisions. While you are busy doing and thinking other things, your subconscious is driving the ship.

If you want to plant the best seeds for your child, you've got to uproot the bad seeds.

You no longer have to do what you've always done. You, as with your children, are individuals who can make your own decisions and choices. For now, until you clean up the programming, those choices will be a reflection of the seeds.

I work with couples seeking newborn adoption (or having their own baby) who are afraid they will be horrible parents. I help them to be confident, loving parents to their new baby.

If this is you, and you have concerns that you will parent the same way you were parented, please reach out. I offer a free 'Become a confident, loving parent' breakthrough session.

This article was originally published at SuzieQ Solutions. Reprinted with permission from the author.


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