Top Aphrodisiacs for Him & Her - part 4


Top Aphrodisiacs for Him & Her - part 4
Herbal aphrodisiacs are fun. They add a new dimension to the same old, same old.


Schizandra is a hardy vine whose “five-flavor” berries are used throughout China as an extract/tincture (1–2 dropperfuls a day) or infusion (2–4 cups a day). Like fenugreek, schizandra interacts with sexual hormones, gently nudging them toward superior functioning. Regular use increases sexual desire and improves stamina and energy in both men and women. Unlike ED drugs, schizandra berry tincture strengthens the heart, lowers blood pressure, nourishes the adrenals, counters inflammation, and increases sexual satisfaction.



This nasty weed, also known as bullhead, caltrop, cat’s head, devil’s eyelashes, goathead, and puncturevine, is a noxious invasive species native to Africa, Australia and southern Asia. Animals given powdered tribulus mount more frequently and for longer periods of time than those given pharmaceutical testosterone cypionate. People who take it do the same; plus they report increased satisfaction as well. Studies have been unable to confirm any effect on testosterone levels. Instead, tribulus seems to act directly on the brain (and the hormonal control glands found there) to quickly turn one’s thoughts to acts of pleasure.  Additionally, it increases the release of nitric oxide from the nerve endings of the erectile tissues of the penis and clitoris. Tribulus capsules give an “itch” for orgasm to women and the power to play hard for hours to men. Men with diabetes who take 750–1500mg of tribulus daily report improvement in libido and erection.

Coming up, cunning commentary and penetrating penile insights on ways to light your fire and keep it burning for the long run. Post-menopausal women and mid-life men will also find these articles of special interest to them.

Green blessings.


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