Top Aphrodisiacs For Him & Her: Part 3


Top Aphrodisiacs For Him & Her: Part 3
Herbal aphrodisiacs are fun and effective ways of improving overall health....

Marijuana is a controversial herbal ally. Since being in jail is no so sexy, please be exceedingly careful if it is not yet legal in your state.

Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica, like oats, grow wild wherever people cultivate crops. The mind-altering effects of smoking marijuana are quickly induced and rather quickly over as well, making it an ideal way to quiet the neocortex and make way for meditation, artistic expression, and sexual intimacy.


Smoking offers the most precise controls over the dose. Eating the herb or taking the tincture may result in inability to move, let alone have sex. And less is usually more when it comes to dose. Just enough to heighten the senses and quicken the impulses, but not so much as to make one lethargic, inattentive, or unresponsive. Stop after one toke, wait five minutes, and assess if more is needed.

Combining one toke of great smoke with tantric exercises heightens brain chemicals that make us feel very very good.  Try this one if you wish: Sit facing your lover, unclad or lightly clad. Look into each other’s eyes for a minute or two. Then each one place the palm of the right hand on the other’s heart. Begin to focus the breath through the hand. Become aware of the energy. Put your left hand on your lover’s right hand, which is on your heart. Keep breathing and looking into each other’s eyes. Stop when you wish, or move into more active lovemaking.

Coming up next, cunning commentary and penetrating penile insights on three herbs with funny-sounding names: fenugreek, schizandra, and tribulus.

Green blessings.


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