Get Your Sexy on for More Relationship Passion


Get Your Sexy on for More Relationship Passion
5 ways to feel (& look) sexy if you don't have a swimsuit model's body.

Kristi is disgusted.

She throws down the magazine she's been reading. Even though she's well aware that the pictures in magazines have been photoshopped and that just about no woman looks that perfect, Kristi still feels ugly in comparison.


The image of sexy portrayed in magazines, on television and in the movies would be impossible to pull off. Kristi doesn't try to be sexy, even though she'd like to. She worries that her boyfriend will get tired of being with someone who looks like she does. When they go to parties and especially when they're at the pool together, Kristi feels like the most un-sexy person there.

She often feels jealous of other women and accuses her boyfriend of wanting to be with them instead of with her, even though there's no proof of this.

Can you relate to what Kristi is going through?

Whether it's unrealistic images in magazines, your opinion of other women and men you see and whether or not you're a woman or a man... you might feel like you are seriously lacking when it comes to sex appeal.

This can cause insecurity and lead to jealousy and other serious problems in your relationship. If you are single and looking for a partner, believing that you aren't (and can never be) sexy is only going to keep you alone.

Regardless of what size your body is, the dimensions of your chest, hips and waist, the color of your skin, eyes or hair or even your age, we're here to tell you that you CAN feel and be sexy.

If you want to be more alluring or attractive to your partner or to a potential date, know that it IS possible.

Try these 5 ways to get your sexy on...

#1: Re-think sexy

So many of us have a skewed idea of what being sexy-- or even being attractive-- is. We buy into the images we see in the media. We allow our perspectives to be severely limited and we forget that very few, if any, real people actually fit these standards.

Notice how you think about “being sexy” and how you compare yourself to these made up standards. Now, we challenge you to break the rules. Re-think what it could be to be sexy.

The great thing is that everyone has different preferences, so there really are no rules to break. If you really consider what physically attracts you to someone else, this will be unique.

When you open up to a completely new way to think about sexy, it's easier for you to start to see yourself as sexy.

#2: Make peace with your own sexiness

Just as we all have different preferences when it comes to physical attraction, we also all have our own way to be sexy. Not everyone wants to be sexy, but everyone has the capacity for it.

Many of us have been taught that to be attractive and sexy is somehow wrong or unsafe. These messages may have been relayed by parents, church teachings or traumatic experiences like childhood sexual abuse or rape.

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