Beat the Winter Blahs Together


Beat the Winter Blahs Together
6 Exciting and Sexy Ideas for Your Relationship

Have the cold temps and dark dreary days of winter left you feeling down and out of sorts? If so, your love relationship or marriage might be showing the effects.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is experienced by around 6% of the population in the U.S. but more people suffer from the winter blues. It’s estimated that around 16% of Americans experience mood swings, decreased energy, cravings for sweet and starchy foods and a depression. 


You and your partner both may be suffering from symptoms of SAD or the blues and this can seriously damage your connection and intimacy. You’re more likely to nag and pick at one another. You feel less interested and excited about what’s going on in your own and each other’s lives. It seems like there’s nothing to talk about. You’re bored with your partner and your relationship.

If you’re having more arguments and disagreements and less passion and sex, this could be due to the winter blues.

Please be sure to get help from a mental health professional if your depression is severe, but know that for SAD and the blues, there are many things you can do to bring a little more ease and light into your life.

The really great news is you can beat the winter blues AND infuse your relationship with more connection, fun and great sex by doing things like this with the one you love...

#1: Take a winter walk.
Even if you live in the city, get out and take a walk. Most urban areas have set aside green spaces, parks and hiking trails so find one in your area, grab your sweetie, bundle up and go for a walk. There’s something rejuvenating about being out in the fresh air and nature that clears the mind and can help you out of a funk.

#2: Sweat it out.
Boosting endorphins are an amazing way to reverse the blahs. If you and your partner don’t regularly exercise or you aren’t in the best of shape, you can get started now and feel better right away. Have a date at your local gym or community center and play a one-on-one game of basketball or challenge each other to a racquetball match. The more you increase your heart rate (safely) and sweat, the quicker your blues will go away.  

#3: Play in the snow.
If it snows where you live, take full advantage of this opportunity for fun. Have a snowball fight with your honey or build a snow fort together. Get in touch with your inner child and make the most of what the weather has to offer. There’s no room for doldrums when you’re being playful with the one you love.

#4: Nap together.
One symptom of SAD is the need for more sleep. When the skies are gray and dreary, curling up under blankets for a nap sounds really appealing. Go ahead and take an afternoon snooze and do so with your partner. Cuddle together and get some sleep-- once you’re rested, get close and warm each other up in different ways!

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