8 Date Night Ideas To Extend The Romance & Passion


8 Date Night Ideas To Extend The Romance & Passion
Make it Valentine’s Day ALL Year Long!

#5: Explore each other’s interests
Stepping out of your comfort zone is another way to extend the passion in your relationship. It’s likely that you and your partner have unique interests or hobbies. Take turns doing what each of you loves to do. Stay open and notice how much your partner gets from looking at old cars or creating a scrapbook. You don’t have to make this activity your new hobby (unless you want to), but do use it as a way to better understand and explore who your partner is.

#6: Explore each other
A date night where you explore your partner’s body and let him or her explore yours is very intimate and very passionate too. Make sure you two have time alone and you won’t be interrupted. Create a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom and with tenderness and love, touch, stroke and kiss your partner’s body--  and not just the parts you usually touch during lovemaking.

#7: Idea Jar 

Sit down together and create an Idea Jar. On slips of paper, you and your partner each write down date night ideas. These can be simple and things you can do together at home or more adventurous and involved. Fold the slips of paper in half, place them in a cookie jar or a large glass jar. When you’re at a loss for what to do together, reach in and choose an idea at random. Next, go do it!

#8: Appreciation night
You truly can’t have more romance, passion and connection in your relationship unless you and your partner both know you are appreciated. This might not sound all that sexy to you, but it can be. When you genuinely feel appreciation-- and it doesn’t have to be about something “big”-- tell your partner. And when your partner says “Thank you” or “I’m grateful that you...” stop what you are doing for a moment and fully receive his or her words and love.

These date night ideas aren’t something you do once a year and then forget about. Set aside one night a week or two nights a month as the time when you and your partner will focus in on each other and plan on sharing activities like these together!

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