5 Tips For Replacing Your Ex ... Kelly Ripa Style


5 Tips For Replacing Your Ex ... Kelly Ripa Style [EXPERT]
Like your ex, Regis Philbin was one of a kind ... but so is Michael Strahan.

2. Keep doing what worked before ... but with a twist. It is smart to know what worked in the past, but keep in mind that this isn't the same thing as trying to repeat the past. While Strahan will undoubtedly bring a different vibe to Live!, writers and producers are keeping the format very much the same; it's the formula that was actually developed by Regis.

Think about the habits you had (and maybe those your ex had) that you believe were positive and desirable. Were either of you good at expressing appreciation? Was your ex playful or funny? Remember those attributes and habits and you be the one to bring those to the new relationship. Why Are Men Attracted to Mean Women?


3. Be selective.  The Live! show spent about nine months finding the co-host that was just right for Ripa. There isn't a strict rule for how long you should wait after a relationship breaks up to begin a new one. There also isn't a strict rule for how long you should date a person before you two decide to title yourselves as "a couple."

Pay close attention to what feels like a match for you and what is in alignment with your priorities for yourself and your life; give yourself permission to be selective.

Don't let worries such as you're "running out of time," that you're "too old," or that "all of the good ones are getting snatched up" cause you to rush into a serious relationship. If your heart isn't fully into it or it isn't in your best interests, then maybe it's not the right choice.

4. Don't count out people you already know. Even though I recommend that you be selective in your search for a new partner, don't be so picky that you miss out on a great man or woman who could actually be perfect for you — just not in the way you were thinking of.

Stay open to the possibility of dating any of the people you know and those that you meet. A wonderful match for you might not look like what you were expecting; he or she might even already be in your life, but you just haven't considered the possibility before.

Back in 2008, after the NY Giants won the Superbowl, Strahan was a guest on Live! with Regis and Kelly. At that time, he joked that he'd love to have Regis' job. Now, that's exactly what happened. 3 Ways To Open The Door To A New Relationship

5. Let yourself be "swept off your feet." Don't forget to have fun with this! Partly in reference to the huge difference in their sizes, Ripa commented saying how she was "swept off her feet" by her new co-host. She went on to talk about how much fun she is having laughing and chatting with Strahan in their new partnership.

Surrender to the moment and let yourself be "swept off your feet." Whether you're a woman or a man, you can be fully present as you meet people, get to know them better and date them. Enjoy yourself and revel in this experience as you choose the partner who is just right for you. 

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