5 Clues That Your Facebook Status Is About To Change


5 Clues That Your Facebook Status Is About To Change
Here are some signs you're about to go from "in a relationship" to "single."

5. He turns to his ex first. Who does your partner go to when he's struggling with a problem, feeling down or when he has a big win? If it's his ex and not you, this is a serious sign of trouble. Yes, plenty of people are truly just friends with their exes but there is a tricky line.

Notice how attached (emotionally or in other ways) your partner is to his ex. If he leans on his ex for support and encouragement more than you, they may be more than just friends. They could be having an emotional affair or on the verge of reuniting.

What to do when your relationship is in danger ...

Be sure to also pay attention to yourself. It's easy to mislead yourself or misunderstand your partner's behavior. The best information available to you comes from within.

When you feel distance between you and your partner, do something about it. Plan a date night. Say "I miss connecting with you" and then re-prioritize your lives. When you feel resentful, do something about it. Get to the bottom of what your grudge or anger is about and have a productive conversation about it with your partner.

If it seems like the love and passion have died, ask yourself what you are willing to do to revive your relationship. Yes, there are probably many things your partner could be doing differently too but you have the most control over your own habits.

Start doing what will help bring back connection, trust, happiness or whatever seems missing. This might mean stopping your jealousy habit, setting some boundaries with your partner who flirts or creating some agreements with your partner to make sure that when you are together, neither of you is distracted.

To prevent your Facebook relationship status from going "single," decide if you really want to be in this relationship. If you do, set an example for your partner and take the first step toward  improving it.
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