Don't Just Survive On Valentines Day - Thrive! (EXPERT)


Don't Just Survive On Valentines Day - Thrive! (EXPERT)
5 Tips to Thriving Not Just Surviving as a Single on Valentines Day

If you are single and don't have a partner, extend the meaning of Valentine's to include doing something for other members of your family to show that you appreciate them.

Send flowers to a good friend. Send a card to your children! Invite a group of your single friends over for some fun and laughter that reminds you you don't need a partner to have a great time.


When you give love - you also get it in return.  Rather than focus on getting love, focus on giving love to as many people you love and appreciate - and see what happens!

Do Something That Moves You Closer To Meeting Your Ideal Partner

If you are single and don't want to be, plan in advance to do something that doesn't put you in the path of cooing couples.

Use the opportunity to do (or organise) something new, something that might be the first step to meeting the kind of person you want to meet -- an art class, a keep-fit session at the gym, a film club.

Better yet, hire a dating, love or relationship coach and finally figure out why you aren't attracting the relationship you deserve!
Whatever you do, don't indulge in self pity. You choose your attitude to this day. Choose to make it a positive one!

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