Women do the Choosing—Part 2


Women do the Choosing—Part 2
And women do the ending in relationship...

A man in a relationship will only leave that woman if she sends him away. This may not be a dismissive action. Apathy, boredom, and silent disapproval, even on an unconscious level, can be construed as dismissal.

So women, if you want a man to please you, look for one who will produce results for you that you can be proud of, approve of, and believe in. Never settle for less than what you want.  When you find the right one, you will have the secret to how to get what you want from your man anytime.  Own your power to choose and end your relationship.   Always choose carefully and once you find him, treat him like a precious treasure.  Love him, sex him, empower him, and you will not be disappointed.



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