A Romantic Love Story...Part 2


A Romantic Love Story...Part 2
So now we were ready for some action. I told Rose that she had to meet 40 new men. She was shocked.

She started by talking to the men at work, but that didn’t really generate much action. She knew them all and besides that they all were men within her comfort zone.  No possible way for her to stretch.  So after a few weeks of minimal contact and no connection with men she came to me and said what do I do?  Where do I meet men? 

It was then that I figured I would lose her as a client because I said you will have to go and prospect for men at events and in the personal ads.  I was sure she would refuse,  but she didn’t.  This was one determined woman.  Rose started attending events and answering ads and meeting several men a week.   I neglected to tell you that she had quit her night jobs and was now working 10 days a month as a critical care transport nurse.  This gave her plenty of time for dates.  I gave her the safety rules of engagement and off she went. 
It made me laugh because she just powered on through the men.  Several months passed with Rose dating a lot and having fun and really doing things she had never before considered doing.  She always met them in public places, had a back up ready to rescue her, and didn’t take them to her house until she really got to know who they were.


Rose became a serial dater.  She met rich men, older men, younger men, players, gamblers, liars, cheaters, husbands pretending to be single and some just plain boring guys. She was the queen of experimentation.  She reached out in every direction.  I was so proud of her willingness to stretch.  It was delightful to watch her grow. As she progressed through the parade of men, she grew in her confidence and self esteem each time she would say I like you but, you are not it for me. I am looking for a serious relationship leading to marriage. She was defining her perfect match the man who would present himself when she was really sure of what she wanted.

She really blossomed and she became a serious B brave, I intelligent, T tenacious, C creative, H honest woman.  Rose really started having fun.  The momentum grew and she found herself in a social whirl.
To be continued.

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