A Romantic Love Story... Part 4


A Romantic Love Story... Part 4
Reality demonstrates that the wedding is just the beginning and the purpose of relationship is...

They casually consulted me when I was there for dinner one evening. They were coping financially but were concerned about the future.  We talked about several options including selling one of their properties and I suggested the idea of building two houses on the beach property.  Because of my construction background, I knew that they could use that property as collateral for a construction loan to improve the property.  Rose loved the idea and encouraged George to run with it.  George doubted his ability to produce such an enormous project, but Rose never doubted him.  He hired an architect and a general contractor and within 18 months, they had built two identical 3000 square foot three story ocean view homes on the huge lot.  They rented the back one and moved into the front house and rented Rose’s little house.  Because Rose absolutely believed in him, George was able to take on this project and win big with it. 

They have had other bumps in the road over the past few years, but their relationship and love for each other has carried them through with ease.  Rose is now retired as well.  They have two of the three houses paid for and a small mortgage remaining on the third.  They swim daily.  They travel the world. They go to plays and concerts and more than anything else they enjoy each other’s company.
It’s been 10 years since the cancer scare and about 8 years since the early retirement.  I am honored to have played a little part in this wonderful love story which closely resembles happily ever after. 


The End.

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