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Is Your EGO in the Way of Being Successful?


Some people are just driven. They have the ambition to succeed and complete their goals or mission.

I happened to be watching Turner Classic Movies this past week awaiting an old film to start. They had a short subject on that featured Nancy Sinatra talking about Frank Sinatra, her dad.

She said the most interesting thing in reference to her Dad. "Some people are just driven. They have the ambition to succeed and complete their goals or mission. It's not about ego's, it's just drive."

This made me think about the difference between being driven and thinking only we can get something done or done right.

Many people in business or even in their daily lives struggle with this. Only they can clean the house just right, or fold the laundry or do the shopping. Only they can write something or design something.

I know that for a creative, it's almost impossible to delegate some parts of my work because how can others see what's inside my head or the vision I want? Then again, it really does help to be an artist because I can show little sketches of what I'd like, but other people may not have this ability.

I like to delegate work to my assistant and other freelancers and love it when we are all working at the same time. I will admit that I had to teach my assistant some things first, but once she got what I was looking for, it was amazing to see the amount we can accomplish. I realize too that I need a time management schedule written out each week and more help in 2012.

So at this busy time of the year and with the holidays coming up, what can you have someone help you with? What can you prioritize, and focus on, doing the most important things to succeed?


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