My Cats, My Supervisors


My Cats, My Supervisors
My two male cats not only follow me around, but alert me when it's time for food, love and fun.

Yes, I'll admit it. My cats rule.

Let's just talk about a typical day and you'll see just what I mean.

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I wake up in the morning, with one cat making a ton of noise and the other is just walking back and forth over me, or maybe he's nose to my nose. I cannot do anything else, until I feed them.

Then once I've made my coffee and move into the livingroom to enjoy it, it's lovefest time with chunky monkey (that's his nickname). Up he comes up on the couch or chair to bang his head into mine, and just plain rub it all around my head. I have to let him do this or he'll never let me go into the office afterward.

Okay, finally separated and in the office to work. I'll get to about 11:30, sometimes if I'm lucky and they're sleepy, 1:00pm. Then it's lunchtime and I've got to feed them again. Okay before you think these are gigantic wild cats, I only feed them one can a day, but each feeding is a bit. Otherwise yes, they would grow enormous.

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Okay after lunch, I sneak back into my office and try to work until 6pm. Most days it works. Until they're banging and scratching at the door and it's quitin' time.

We've got this routine down, or so I think!

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