Right Person Wrong Time?


Right Person Wrong Time?
That lost love that got away because the timing wasn’t right. Was it real or a fantasy?

Have you spent years pining over someone who you thought was the “right person who got away” only to see them again & apart from a physical attraction, there really wasn’t much else? Ask yourself why you spent so much time over this fantasy. Was it something you dreamed up & wanted to hold on to because nothing else ever came close? Or was it the biggest mistake of your life & you know that in your heart? It is never too late to act upon these feelings. Knowing when it is purely a physical lust or true love is the answer to your question. They could be feeling exactly the same way about you! Believe that timing is everything because when “you” both are ready you will allow that “right” person in regardless of how much time has passed. ~Love has no curfew~

Susan McCord @ http://www.youtube.com/twobeavers

This article was originally published at . Reprinted with permission.
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