Juggling Motherhood, Career & Love: Put Yourself First

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Juggling Motherhood, Career & Love: Put Yourself First
No matter how hectic your life is, you should be your top priority.

Today's modern woman has taken on a lot more responsibility than ever before and is now learning to balance a career, motherhood, household upkeep and a loving relationship. How is it possible to evenly give attention to each one of these daily occurrences?

Don't forget about YOU. Your happiness is the first priority.


  • Take time to exercise, which will keep your self-worth intact. Many women let themselves go as they do not schedule time for their health and end up feeling unattractive from neglecting their bodies and emotional well-being.
  • Nurture your friendships, even if it means getting 10 women together at once every month due to time restrictions.
  • Don't feel guilty if you have to work to provide a home for your children. They don't need to see you every moment. It builds character for children to be around others, and not just family.
  • Treat yourself to something you enjoy at least once a month and budget accordingly: pedicure, movie, shopping, or take a book and sit outside at a coffee shop for alone time. Spirituality: How Erotic Healing Saved My Marriage

Balance your time when rearing your children.

  • Give your children chores: Do not take it all on yourself. Even at the age of two, they like to feel needed by helping mom. (Don't be a martyr by taking it all on and then complaining!)
  • Ask for help from family or mother's groups. (This is especially important for single mothers.)
  • Babysitting: Find someone who has children that you can exchange weekends or evenings with so you can have time with your spouse/partner.
  • Hire a high school student to assist with homework occasionally; it will be well worth the hourly wage once every few weeks.
  • Ask your partner for assistance; do not nag about what they "don't do."
  • Allow your children one sport/activity per season. Running yourself ragged trying to be everywhere does not actually give you quality time with them. Time To Stop Panicking: Most Married People Are Deeply In Love
  • Give your children two choices with clothing/homework, weekend activities, etc. They like to think that they are making the decision once in awhile. Giving them two choices will make them feel like they're in control (they're not).
  • Do not allow your children to ever backtalk, swear at you or talk down to you. They learn how to manipulate their parents at a very early age, which is a difficult behavior to reverse.

Don't put your partner last.

Susan McCord, Speaker: Do not put your spouse last; always have a date night planned once a week. Keep a calendar that the whole family can see, so everyone is on the same page with what the weekly schedule holds. If you have to travel for work, try to leave enough space between days gone and days home so you can reconnect with your spouse and children. (Two days feels like eternity to them!) Never put your partner last on the priority list. Remind yourself daily that you would not be blessed with a family if the two of you hadn't met and fallen in love. The biggest regret couples have as their children grow up is forgetting how to love each other.

"Help! I feel guilty!"

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