How to Give & Receive Dating/Relationship Advice to a Friend


 How to Give & Receive Dating/Relationship Advice to a Friend
We all have a friend that tells us ALL about their relationship whether we want to hear it or not.

Advice should be gentle and not accusing. If you see a pattern with a friend that is harmful, point out a few scenarios that you have noticed, maybe they do not know this is recurring. This scenario can happen in a long term relationship as well. Your friends may see something harmful or deceitful between you & partner and want you to know because they care.

In all honestly, wouldn’t you want to know?


Advice can be a good thing when it is handled with respect and good intentions. Don’t wait too long before something is discussed & try to do it at the time you are aware of the situation. Letting it build could cause you to react more aggressively than you initially intended because you are now past the point of frustration.

Advice should be limited with friends and family, as they have to make their own path in life. If you are constantly feeling the need to give advice to the same person, then maybe you need to surround yourself with other people and not constantly put yourself in the “Dear Abby” role. Do you really want to be a counselor all the time? Be a friend, but worry about your own choices in life first, not theirs. Being a good friend is also knowing when to back off and knowing when to be there to wipe their tears.

A supportive friendship is a two way street and advice should always be reciprocated with warmth & love.

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