Dating & Relationships: 50 Sex Tips For Men & Women


Dating & Relationships: 50 Sex Tips For Men & Women
Keep the sex alive in your relationship by keeping it new! Try these tips out at home.
  • Men: after your orgasm sex is NOT over!
  • Scream out once in awhile let the neighbors know you are not that boring couple after all.
  • Sex is not just penetration.
  • Don’t ask someone if they would like to have sex! Be creative.
  • Shave! That goes for both sexes ~ Do a little landscaping
  • Complement your partner & make them feel good about themselves, especially their bodies (for women!)
  • Don’t wear flannel pajamas, curlers or eye shades to bed.
  • Shave her legs or paint her toenails once in awhile ~ wax his unibrow or give him a foot massage.
  • Wash his hair or other pampering things Mom used to do
  • Dress sexy for them, even at home
  • Dental hygiene; floss, whiten and freshen breath with scope! Yellow teeth get worse with age, be preventative before it happens.
  • Get rid of granny panties & tighty whities
  • Tell each other what you like & want in bed. Guide each other with your hands. Don’t just lie there like a starfish.
  • Men love women who actually enjoy oral sex and don’t just do it because it is expected. The same goes with oral sex for women. (It makes us more comfortable & relaxed when our man enjoys it.)
  • Think ahead romantically for special occasions
  • Confidence is a turn on!
  • Take your time during sex; don’t be in a rush for the finish line.
  • Find their erogenous zones and work them, especially if you want them to get in the mood.
  • Don’t assume that one orgasm is all they are good for. (That goes for men too, ladies)
  • Have sex outside the bedroom!
  • Make out on the couch, elevator or the car like a teenager if you have been together for a while.
  • Tell them often that you love them & want them. Don’t assume they know.
  • Be respectful of each other’s time. Late for a date probably means you won’t get laid that night!
  • Valentine’s Day is a reminder for romance but make other days special for no reason other than you care.
  • Don’t be afraid to be a mush ball occasionally. It makes the other person feel special.
  • Have a naughty “pet name” for them in the privacy of your bedroom.
  • Read or watch something sexy together to spice things up if you feel like your sex life is becoming repetitive.
  • "Role Play"your fantasy.
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