Dating Insecurities & Inhibitions


Dating Insecurities & Inhibitions
When we alleviate negative behavior from our lives the more comfortable & less inhibited we become

Most of us are more comfortable with the “devil we know” as opposed to the one we don’t, so we continue to live in our childhood sandbox rather than venture outside to a new dimension. We are creatures of habit and are not overly comfortable in a completely new environment so we repeatedly choose relationships that keep us from growing. Therefore our inhibitions continue to “own” us.

Inhibitions are one of the reasons online dating has become so popular. It is easy to hide behind a computer & get to know someone through E-mails and text messages. It is not as intimidating as the initial face to face contact & there is much less personal rejection because they haven’t actually met you yet. You can take your time on the computer as you have their contact information, unlike the bar situation where you only have a short time to take action before they leave. Alcohol is probably the most popular inhibition release there is. (I swear liquor stores would go out of business if people were as confident without it!) Not everyone feels comfortable on a sober coffee date! How many people do you know that have got up to sing karaoke sober?


If you feel overwhelmed by your inhibitions observe the people you have allowed in your life. Are they encouraging? Is the friendship reciprocated? Are they genuinely interested in your happiness? Are they happy with your success? Is your job rewarding or deflating? Remember, inhibitions have to start somewhere.

The more we alleviate negative behavior from our lives the more we will become comfortable to let down our guard to be more of who we actually are before the walls went up! We don’t start out frightened or afraid to try things, which is why many toddlers need to be watched at early stages of their lives. We become more inhibited as our lives unfold especially if we have constant aversion.

The more you do something a little out of character, the more you get over your inhibitions. Get out of your comfort zone as often as you can. Do something daily that you would not normally do. Experiment with strangers by talking with them, saying hello, or smiling. Talk with “trusted” friends or family about your insecurities or inhibitions. Learning how to discuss these private subjects will enable you to learn how to actually deal with it. They will be supportive & offer suggestions to help you get past it & make your life more rewarding. Do the same for them as well. Remember, we “all” have something we are insecure about & could use guidance on. No one is immune to that.

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