Dating Advice: Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places


Dating Advice: Looking for Love In All The Wrong Places
How to stop repeating bad dating patterns & the 10 best places to look for a potential partner.

Fear can be a powerful suppressor, so be cognizant of any forming patterns that keep you from having love in your life because you are afraid of the unknown. Take baby steps to challenge your demons.

If you don’t have the strength to get out of reoccurring heart breaking situations, then start observing some of your friends who may be stronger than you and follow their lead. (Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to hire someone professionally for a short time.) Change up your dating patterns & the venues so that you have a better chance of meeting someone of substance. Everyone deserves love in their life.


Some of the 10 best places to meet at least start up a good conversation:

  1. Golf driving range or (Executive par 3 course, as less serious golfers will go there.)
  2. Tennis court (Use the back wall where other solo players will practice)
  3. The gym (Be friendly & acknowledge people near you ~ Say hi & take off your headphones!)
  4. Airport (Talk to people in the holding room or restaurants.)
  5. Hiking trails or a Beach/Park with high people traffic
  6. Sporting venue (hockey game, soccer match, golf spectator etc)
  7. Any social event where people can mingle. (Do not put yourself in a booth; always stay open to the room.)
  8. Meet up groups (Check your local area for the numerous groups available or start one!)
  9. Take a course where there will be people there who have similar interests as you.
  10. Speed dating & Online Dating sites (Do your homework & find the best ones that work for you.)

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