Do You Overshare and Then Regret It? 5 Ways to Stop


Do You Overshare and Then Regret It?  5 Ways to Stop
Too much sharing leads to problems in good relationships and not so good ones.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.  Being on the cell phone or texting makes you highly distracted and your child could be falling out of the stroller or your dog about to walk into traffic and you're not really paying attention.  Put down the phone so you can be aware of who is around, who is watching you or your child.  Know where other people are in case you need help.  When you spend time each day being aware of your surroundings, you limit your sharing and raise your "street smarts," and that is a very good thing for any woman to do.

3. Don't be available every second of every day to everyone. Take time each day to put your phone and computer down.  Read a book, go for a walk, or just turn it off and take a nap.  A ringing phone is a request, not a demand.  And that goes for texts as well.  Take some time each day away from your phone.  Learn some control and self-restraint.  It is rude to be in a restaurant and looking at your phone or texting while visiting with someone else.  If you start to curtail your oversharing in general, it will do you good when you need to step back and learn about a new person in your life.   There is distracted driving and also distracted dating.  You need to concentrate on really observing the new people you meet.  You can't do that if you have one eye on your phone.


4. Don't spend all your time talking about you.  You have to observe other people.  You have to know who is sitting in front of you.  On a date, don't treat is as a job interview for a job you want.  Get to know the other person and see if he is someone YOU want to be around.  If you talk about you, you, you, you will have no information to go on when you want to evaluate how things went.  Ask open-ended questions and listen for the answers.  Get a sense of who someone is from sitting with them and looking into his eyes, not just believing what you've read in email, text or on the phone.  Re-learn to LOOK at people when they are speaking and you can learn a lot.

5. Stop sharing in public.  No one wants to hear about your doctor appointment while in the supermarket buying groceries.  Call your friends when you get home.  Be aware of people around you.  I've heard so many people swearing on their cell phones in the presence of older people and children because they are oblivious and only care about their own conversation.  It's rude and crude.  Come back to polite society.

There are many reasons to stop the oversharing, but your mental health and well being are the main reasons.  You need to be safe and having all of your information out there or sharing in public can make you a victim.  Being distracted isn't just a hazard behind the wheel, but a hazard in your life.  If you are a single lady who wants to be empowered, you have got to stop oversharing and take control.

Tone it down.  Your life will thank you for it.

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