Celebrity Breakups: The Kristen Stewart Edition


Celebrity Breakups:  The Kristen Stewart Edition
The wrath aimed at this woman is over the top. And wrong.

Instead we made Jennifer Aniston a martyr for years (even though she didn't give a damn, it was the media making the whole thing a thing.)  Are we going to do the same thing for poor Bobby Pat? Because I really don't want to see his face, broken heart and wounded ego on every cover of every magazine for the next 10 years.

Kristen Stewart is a young girl and other young girls should understand that women are under attack in this country and that every time we divide, it's shame on us.  Robert will get over it. Probably quicker than you do.

And it's none of your business. Kristen Stewart is a young woman who made a mistake that she has apologized for and the world should just get over it and if you can't, then Just. Shut. Up. About. It.

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