Celebrity Breakups: The Kristen Stewart Edition


Celebrity Breakups:  The Kristen Stewart Edition
The wrath aimed at this woman is over the top. And wrong.

I'm glad the director's wife dumped him, I'm glad Bobby Pat feels empowered by dumping his cheating gf even though he's going on "talk shows" and NOT talking about it (really?  be a man Bobby Pat and say something about it.  One tear will sufffice.)

Anyone who has read any of my articles over the past six years, knows that I don't condone cheating and have some choice words who do it, but this reaction toward her is completely over the top.  The director sounds like a predator (YES...PRED-A-TOR).


If you're making and buying tee shirts about Kristen Stewart's indiscretion, you are a donkey. A very very stupid donkey. How about a few 40 something year old directors who cheat on their wives with 20 something year old actresses are complete jackasses? How about that tee shirt? Sign me up for 20.

American pop culture has made "stars" out of people who are known for nothing more than sex tapes.  American pop culture has made celebrities out of people with no talent and no lives, and buy the crappy music of one Chris Brown who BEATS UP WOMEN (oh sure he's an abuser but his music is easy to dance to!) and buy music that calls women sluts and hos and other disgusting names.  Yet, that just goes on.  No problem.

American fashion devotes much to "reveal all" clothing and television fans have made millionaires out of know-nothing badly behaved drunks on reality shows. We have housewives of here and there doing this and that.  We have made celebrities out of 16 year olds who get pregnant, and clubs full of "bad girls."  The list goes on and on. American consumers lap up these stupid shows like they're the nectar of the gods.  

American pop culture chooses, time and time again, garbage over quality and then expects, somehow, high ground behavior from a young woman just because you like her ex-boyfriend.  Suddenly, after making all this atrocious behavior a popular pasttime, you decide that Kristen Stewart must behave to YOUR STANDARDS though most of the rest of your standards are somewhere between really disgusting and somewhat disturbing.

And with this low-level mentality in mind, holding no one responsible for anything, we decide to pick out one person to dump on when she goes beyond the limits of some imaginary "moral code" by kissing someone not her boyfriend.  

American pop culture likes to make stars out of people whose behavior is completely outrageous...drunken, stupid, over-the-top, "look who I slept with last night" people, people who act abusive and crazy or who get millions of dollars for a wedding to start a marriage that lasts a few months and then decide to villify this woman for kissing someone NOT HER BOYFRIEND. 

Give your double standards a break, they've been working OVERTIME.

It's okay for this one to be "slutty" but not that one because she has offended someone you like? Well, no, it's not okay for anyone to be called that.  No one called Brad Pitt a slut.  No one made tee shirts about him.  And he was MARRIED

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