Are You Feeling Bored With Your Marriage?


Feeling bored? There may be a way to fix that!

An important concept in Aikido, the Japanese martial art I practice, is mushin. It refers to a mind that is poised, calm, alert, and open to whatever will happen next. Just as a calm pond reflects what is around it, but sends a distorted image when the surface is disturbed so our mind will distort our perception of reality when it is filled with expectation, judgment, or emotion.

In order to have a clear picture of our mate, we need to practice mushin. Ask questions, have no expectation of the answer, listen with curiosity. When your receive the answer from this mysterious and fascinating other that you love, you may find that the problem was inside you all the time. And you will have gone from being a boring partner who is bored, to a curious partner who is fascinated with your beloved. The Power Of Pillow Talk

Do you have any suggestions for great questions to ask? Let me know! My suggestion for today: ask your partner what they like best about their life right now.

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