Dealing With The Anger When The Relationship Over


Dealing With The Anger When The Relationship Over
There's a proper way to express anger when a relationship is over.
  •     Walk away. Take a time out to cool down.
  •     Go for a run.
  •     Yell into your pillow, or at the top of a mountain, or anywhere you have privacy.
  •     Listen to music.
  •     Dance!
  •     Write it out, then tear it into tiny pieces.
  •     Keep a feelings journal.
  •     Cry.
  •     Exercise.
  •     Count to 10 (or 20, or 100 ...)
  •     Imagine the source of your anger floating in front of you, take a deep breath and blow it away. Repeat until you can imagine it has floated out of your sight.
  •     Talk to a sympathetic friend.
  •     Slam a medicine ball into the ground as hard as you can (also great exercise!).
  •     Sing!
  •     Get a Life Coach.

Finally, use your anger to propel you forward! Although it doesn’t sound like an obvious solution, you can harness your anger and use it in a constructive way. Take for example the woman who always put her husband’s career first. Moving where he needed to live for his career, taking whatever job was available to supplement the family income, or staying home to focus on raising kids or managing the home. By harnessing her anger, she can move forward with a career that she’s always envisioned for herself!

What will you do to use your anger to improve your life? Add a comment below and let me know!

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