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Is It A Bump, Or The End Of The Road?

Love, Heartbreak

How I knew when I'd hit the end of the road in my first marriage.

For me, that was it. I had just been bumped off the road. I felt that I couldn’t wait for him to see if he loved me enough to work through our issues, or if this other women was what he was really looking for. You see, neither of us had much respect for this women. Sure, we were friends with her, but we also considered her to be a bit of a run around. A “good time” girl. Not the type you settled down with, or brought home to meet the parents.

How could I have any respect for myself, and stay?

So, that’s my story. Sure, there were many bumps in the road during that first marriage. For some people, my final bump may have been just that, another bump in the road. However, for me, it was the end. I couldn’t respect who I was if I had stayed.

Maybe that’s how you know when you’ve reached the end of the road. When you hit that point where staying alters who you are, deep down inside. Alters you in a way that you could no longer respect yourself, or your partner.

What’s your end of the road?

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