6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 3 of 3)


6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 3 of 3)
The final installment: Renewed Intimacy and Saying Good-bye

How you choose to say good-bye to a long and loving relationship is up to you. Saying good-bye is a deeply personal experience, and unique to each and every one of us. I’ve seen some people struggle with anger over the sudden death of a spouse, or the slow onset of Alzheimer’s or dementia. This anger, more often than not, is a mask to hide the deep pain and feelings of abandonment that we feel. As anyone who’s been through the lose of a loved one can tell you, working through this grief can be gut-wrenchingly painful, and something that we want to avoid for as long as we can. However, it’s not until we do so that we can move forward in our own lives, remembering and honoring all the good that we had and shared. Others are able to handle this grief by looking back with gratitude for the wonderful years they had together.

No matter how you got here, how you choose to say good-bye is up to you.

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