6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 2 Of 3)


6 Common Relationship Phases (Part 2 Of 3)
Sometimes a cheesy phrase is all you need to spark up your relationship.
Second installment on relationship phases: "Settled in and who are YOU?"

Settled into a daily routine:
This is where many relationships either learn to thrive, or die. After the initial onset of passion, love and lust, we move onto the normal process of living our daily lives. We’re able to focus once again on future goals, aspirations, other friendships and relationships outside of our romantic one. Too often people find the daily routine is the thing that kills their relationship. It’s during this phase that those little annoyances become major problems. Or you begin to wonder, "what happened to the passion and lust we once shared?" Which ultimately leads to, "why doesn’t my partner love me any more?"

When you have a solid foundation to build on, this phase is the beginning of a lifetime of joy and happiness. These couples continue to work together to find ways to keep romance alive. They know and understand what’s really important to each other and it’s easier to find ways of sustaining the friendship and the romance.

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How we handle the daily routine will be key to determining which phase we move to next. How did we grow so far apart? (Or who the heck are you and what did you do with the person I fell in love with?) Or, renewed intimacy.

How did we grow so far apart? (Or who the heck are you and what did you do with the person I fell in love with?)
If you find yourself here, chances are high that you moved too quickly from the, "getting to know you phase," to passion, love and lust. Or, somewhere during the daily routine you and your partner fell out of touch or out of synch with each other.

If you have a strong foundation to build from, there are definitely steps that can be taken to help move you into renewed intimacy. However, if you find that what’s really going on here is that you skipped or skimped on the getting to know you phase, this will be more difficult.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that the only person you can change is yourself. How you choose to show up in your relationship is entirely within your control.

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So, how did you get here? Did you get so focused on your career, or raising the kids that you forgot to feed and nurture your relationship? It’s not too late! Keep Reading...

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