Catholic Marriage and the New Catholicism


Catholic Marriage and the New Catholicism

My Interfaith Marriage Perspective

On Easter Sunday, I attended Catholic mass with my wife. This would not seem unusual to most people, and we have attended Catholic services together since our marriage. I will title our life together as the new catholic marriage and the new catholicism.  What does make our situation more unique, however, is that I am of the Jewish faith. This dichotomy could have made our union impossible, had our love for each other not been so strong. We could have let our differences separate rather than connect us, but instead made the decision to support each other’s personal choices, and share as many celebrations as possible.


One of the differences we have learned Is to appreciate  our religious backgrounds.

One of the differences we have learned to appreciate is our differences . My wife was raised in the Roman Catholic faith, and my family embraces the Jewish traditions.  While we do not attend every ceremony together, we share the ones each of us deem important in our faith. The catholic Easter service holds a special place in my wife’s heart, and I am always happy to attend with her. This is one of the way our catholic marriage keeps us feeling very much in love with one another.  In addition, every year she attends my passover seder, which is quite often around the same time as Easter. My wife doesn't know it but she is really jewish because she has a jewish heart and soul.  As a humorous anecdote, decorating our door during these holidays is our mezuzah, along with the Easter bunny. I think the neighbors get confused sometimes. Christmas is even more humorous, with both a menorah and Christmas ornaments displayed at our home to celebrate the season.This our catholic marriage and jewish marriage making our corner of our wold be filled with love and harmony.

Not Every Sermon I Have Attended Has Been Endearing To Me

In fact, traditional readings in the past have created mixed emotions. My wife and I enjoy discussing our observations and personal take on each sermon given by Father Eric, the local priest of St Patrick Church, here in my hometown of Scottsdale, AZ.  He’s a wonderfully persuasive speaker with a good heart, and also of importance (of course!), an Arizona Cardinal fan.

Traditionally, Catholic doctrine held its members to rigid requirements.  Over the years, I believe this may have kept people away from the benefits that religion may have to offer in helping its members with their relationships and spiritual lives. My training as a counselor has helped me listen objectively, in spite of any difference in personal beliefs.

Easter Was Joyous Due To Love In The Room

This article was originally published at Stuart Fensterheim The Couples Expert Scotsdale . Reprinted with permission.
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