Who Else Wants The American Dream?


Who Else Wants The American Dream?
What does the 'American Dream' look like for marriage?

But in order to really chase after the dream, we have to pay attention to our marriages. We have to nurture them and each other. We have to remember why we got married in the first place. When the adventure of marriage wanes, we need to go back to the day we stood before the altar and said those vows. They weren’t just words. And a marriage license isn't just a contract it's an adventure. Maybe the biggest and best one that we will ever live. Our marriage has the potential to change our life, and the lives of our family members and, dare I say, the country we live in.

After 63 years, I want to look back at the adventure of my marriage and say, "Yeah, that's what the American Dream is all about." Not just owning stuff and making money, but really loving, knowing and enjoying the one woman that God has allowed me to marry.

That's my American Dream. Are you with me?

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