We Stopped Having Sex For God


couple with stop sign
When we became more dedicated to our faith, we learned we had to give up sex before marriage.

So when I set up the lunch meeting with our pastor and he told me that it was good we were getting married, or I would need to move out, I was shocked. I didn't realize that it was important to God and for our faith for us to make a change, right now—not just in the future. And this change was going to make our lives and our future marriage better.

I moved out of the bedroom and took up residence in our spare bedroom.


Honestly, the first couple weeks were tough. I didn't see her in anything less than sweats and a t-shirt. But in those three months we grew together in ways that were much more than physical. We became partners—living a new journey that included this new thing that brought us together. We Waited For Marriage

Not sex, but God.

Would you give up sex for your faith?

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