Three Cheers For Marriage


Three Cheers For Marriage
In a culture of marriage naysayers, married couples need some strong cheerleaders.

Parents we need you to stand up for marriage too. Don't always take your kids side. Perhaps they need a bit of tough love like - "Well, son, maybe you should grow up and learn how to be a better man for your wife. You chose them, now choose to love them the best you can." Or, “Well, daughter, perhaps you should show him love in other ways, instead of always nagging him to do this or that. He might respond better to encouragement.”

Friends, don't say, "Oh man, the old ball and chain keeping you from going out tonight!" Change it to,“I totally get that you have a wife and kids. You need to spend time with the family! I get it!”


We need an encouraging crowd to surround us in our marriage. We have chosen to devote ourselves to one spouse for the rest of our lives. We need you to cheer us on. Give us high fives and fire us up to keep in the race another day. 25 Secrets To A Loving, Lasting Marriage

How are you going to encourage a married couple you know this week?

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