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Valentine's Day !!

Valentine's Day !!

How do you feel about Valentine's Day?  Do you remember as kids making your Valentine's box before the big day of Valentine's Day ?  Were you the person that received too many Valentine's?  Were you the person that maybe got a few?   Were you the one that would get the extra's.. chocolate in a heart shaped box.

I will be honest with you...I used to hate / love Valentine's Day.  In school.. I was one of the not so popluar.. ugly of course no special Valentine's for me.  Just the required Valentine's you had to turn in.

 In High School.. I used to watch everyone get so excited about finding cards in their lockers or candy taped to their locker.  Needless to say... never happened to me.  

While in college, I came up with a plan.  I made a bunch of cookies, along with treats and such.. making Valentine gift bags.  Sneakly.. I would leave them to the other people I knew didn't have a Valentine that year. 

Twenty-six years later and I still do a surprise Valentine for people.

Happy Valentine's Day !!


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