5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day...Or Not!


5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Valentine's Day...Or Not!
Despite the Hearts, Hugs and Kisses…Here's why Celebrating Valentine's Day Might Be a Bad Thing...

Reason Number Four. Celebrating Valentine’s Day may unleash an unnecessary spirit of competition in to your relationship.
Contrary to popular beliefs, there are no winners and losers in a relationship…EVER! Trying to “outdo” your significant other in a Valentine’s Day showdown is not only ridiculous, but pointless. If you are choosing to celebrate this “holiday,” then whether or not you bought the biggest teddy bear, the largest gift pack, or booked the best weekend getaway is not an issue. If you had a great time together…enjoyed your respective gifts together…and shared your romantic sentiments together, that should be the goal of not only your Valentine’s Day festivities, but for your relationship as a whole.

To avoid this: Let your Valentine’s Day efforts mirror what your daily actions towards your significant other. If you guys want to compete, then make it fun for you both…set limits on spending, and see who can be the most creative.


Reason Number Five: Celebrating Valentine's Day can show you that you can both do more to contribute to the success of your relationship.
Remember...Ultimately, Valentine’s Day does not exist, and therefore, it should not be a date that your relationship hinges on it should be a day that your relationship can acknowledge and continue to move forward as it does the other 364 days of the year.

To avoid this: Do all that you can to make your relationship great every day.

Ultimately, you and you significant other should strive for a Valetine's LIFE, not just a Valentine's DAY.  Make every moment special and love as if each opportunity is your last.  Whatever this day means to you...make it a great one!



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