6 Ways To Keep Your Children Safe From Sexual Abuse


6 Ways To Keep Your Children Safe From Sexual Abuse [EXPERT]
Millions of children are sexually abused every year. Follow these 6 tips to keep your kids safe.

If the answer is yes, do not freak out! Be supportive and comforting. Listen, use less words. Then, let your child know: "we will figure this out as we go along." 

4. Educate children about sexual abuse. A standard rule to use with children is "no one can touch your private parts except you. Mommies and daddies can help you if you are feeling sick and sometimes doctors need to check out our private parts, but always with a mommy or daddy in the room."  Even the smallest of children can understand this. I talk with little kids this golden rule: anywhere your bathing suit covers up is a private part. This helps them know the boundaries. 


5. Healthy touch is crucial to positive development. Kids need touch! We all do. We need hugs and snuggles, wrestling and high fives. Teach kids what healthy touch is about. Teach them who is appropriate to get touched from and how they can get it.

For example, do you hug every person you know? What if someone touches you and you feel uncomfortable? How do you handle someone getting in your space?

6. Be aware, tuned in and conscientious. Notice if things change in your children such as eating habits, mood or sleep. Tune into emotions and make sure that you know what they are about. Parents who are tuned into their children will pick up on subtle changes and address them quickly. Most sexual offenders "groom" people or spend time building relationships before they harm someone. How To Protect Your Children From Sexual Predators

You are your child's biggest advocate. By keeping them safe, educating them and tuning into their needs, we can stop this epidemic!

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