5 Tips To Cool Your Worries About Your Children


5 Tips To Cool Your Worries About Your Children
In light of the Bumbo Baby Seat recall, I am reminded of how much we worry as parents.
  1. Ask yourself if this a justified worry or am I making something out of nothing? For example, are you scared that your child will get hit by a car when they are out playing with their friends. Or, are you concerned that your child will be a drug user when they are a toddler?
  2. If you have a justified worry, talk about it with your child. Focus on safety and share your concerns. "I love when you play with your friends. I love it more when you are safe and look for traffic. Show me how you look for traffic when you play with your friends."
  3. When you are really worried about the future of your child, make a plan. If you do not want you child to use drugs in their teen years, help them develop great self-esteem and have the ability to say no. That means they have to practice saying no with you first.
  4. Focus on the moment at hand. Most likely, right in this very moment, your child is not in crisis and neither are you. Keep that in mind and enjoy this very moment.
  5. Prepare, communicate, and practice. One of my big worries is losing a toddler in a big crowd like a carnival or fair. So, we have to prepare, communicate, and practice expectations for what happens in big crowds BEFORE we get to that moment. Our brains need lots of repetition before we have mastered something, so practice multiple times and your child will be prepared.

Remember, it’s normal to worry about your child. However, when that worry becomes debilitating or starts to affect the relationship with your child, intervene. Seek advice from friends or professional help if you feel like your worry isimpacting your everyday happiness and connection with your child.

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