When It Comes To Relationships: How Do You Like Your Eggs?


When It Comes To Relationships: How Do You Like Your Eggs?
Become your authentic self in relationships and reap the benefits.

Figuring out what makes you happy will make you happier in your relationship and thus allow you to help make your man happier. Trust me—your man doesn't want to have to figure you out. He wants you to show up as you are, so he has the freedom to show up as his authentic self, too. 

Guys aren't good at pretending, and if they are, I would run the other way. A guy who seems too good to be true could have had too much practice at deceiving his partners. The trust issue goes both ways. Also, if he feels he can't measure up to you, he won't stay very long because it will feel emasculating to him. 


Mario loves that I act bizarre at times because he doesn't have to figure me out; he knows what comes out of my mouth is the truth, and he has the freedom to be himself as well. As a result, we have unconditional love and trust in our relationship.

I know that you want those same things, so here's the summary of the ways that you can practice being more authentic and attract true love with a dependable, original guy:

1. Heal your relationship with your parents so you don't always need others' approval.
2. Find out what you truly enjoy in life.
3. Say "no" to things you don't enjoy doing.
4. Find opportunities to act quirky with the opposite sex.

Commit to act authentically so you increase the level of trust you have in your relationships. Be true to yourself, be real, and you'll soon be in love. I promise.

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