Anatomy of a Success Story


Anatomy of a Success Story

My friend and client, Amanda, whom I spoke of last month, manifested her man about two years ago and they married this past June.  They have an amazing blended family similar to the Brady Bunch, but a bit smaller (check out their photo below).  Amanda shared with me at breakfast last month the things she felt most worked for her to help her Manifest her Man and I’ll be sharing them with you now.

Amanda had an extremely emotional break up prior to meeting Jack.  One where her greatest fears of abandonment played themselves out as if she were experiencing a real life nightmare.  Despite the pain, devastation, sadness, and feelings of betrayal, she said she was grateful that Mike* left, because she never would have left him, and that would not have been for her highest good. 
It’s incredible when someone can heal, forgive, and then feel gratitude to such a degree that is 180 degree turn around of how she felt just a short time before.  I am so proud of Amanda for having the courage to face her demons head on.  I know it wasn’t easy for her.  This is an area where I find many of my clients get tripped up – they aren’t willing to do the work on themselves it takes in order to become better versions of themselves so they can attract a better relationship.
Amanda, and all my other clients who have found their true love, are proof that the process works and there is no getting around looking at your issues in order to move past the bad relationships you continue to attract.  So here’s a list of the things Amanda did for herself that Summer that set the wheels in motion to bring Jack into her life.  She:
•       Listened to Louise Hay’s Self Esteem Affirmations CD so much she practically wore it out.
• Also incessantly listened to Abraham Hicks CD’s Ask and It is Given – the car became her haven for feeling good.
• Went to therapy
•       Did A LOT of reading on relationships and wealth (increasing your level of abundance in one area often transfers over to other areas – nice bonus huh?)  Authors such as Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, yours truly, and many more.
• Modeled others relationships – looking for the good in relationships she wanted to emulate and experience with her man.
• Was constantly exposed to negative people around her – at work, in her family, some friends, etc. and Amanda affirmed “That’s their reality, but I choose this _____________.” And she’d fill in the blank with what she wanted to create for herself.
• Changed her language with herself and out in the world.  She reminded herself regularly, “I can have my love also be my best friend.”  She realized that negative comments to others were keeping love at bay, so by changing her words, she became a more powerful magnet for love.
Most importantly she realized she had to do the work on herself.   There was no easy way around it and it took investing the time, energy, and willingness to trudge through her emotional wounds.  Amanda states that it was all worth it.

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