Align with the Energy of Your Love


Align with the Energy of Your Love
Align with the Energy of Your Love

3. Things I love about me…(Only positives allowed here – it could be as simple as you love how cute your feet are, or that you’re generous, kind, and loving.)

In order to fully align with your love, you may also want to post this affirmation on your mirror to read every day:


“I love myself, and I am in the process of becoming the best me I can be, and I am now irresistible to my man.” 

You are beautiful, you are fabulous, and you are talented.  Realize it, know it, and believe it and I promise he will not be able to resist you.  I have a lovely worksheet for this exercise in my Manifest Your Man Guidebook, available on my website at www.Manifest, or you can email me at and I’ll gladly send you a .pdf of the worksheet directly.  I believe so strongly in the transformational power of this exercise, I want you to have it for free.

This exercise of self-love sends a message to the universe that you’re willing to improve yourself and grow as a person.  As a result, you’ll attract someone who also is willing to grow along with you, which, I believe, is an important factor in the success of a long-term relationship. 

Mario and I have been dating for five and a half years at the time I write this and neither of us is the same person we were when we met each other.  We have grown toward each other rather than apart.  I believe our willingness to maintain our own authenticity in the relationship has allowed us to understand each other’s perspective without compromising our individual values. 

We have deep, rich communication, while keeping life light and fun at the same time.  Because we are comfortable being ourselves in the relationship, accepting each other’s shortcomings -- and loving each other anyway -- we are able to be silly, corny, and even outrageous in each other’s presence without fear of judgment.  This type of bond comes from the mutual admiration we have for each other because we know neither of us is perfect, yet we both strive to learn, grow, and become better every day. 

We help each other grow through our honesty, candor and willingness to look at our wounds in the safety of our love’s embrace.  It is a glorious experience I know you will have the opportunity to soon enjoy when you align with the energy of your love, and he shows up for you.

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