Align with the Energy of Your Love


Align with the Energy of Your Love
Align with the Energy of Your Love

Years ago when I was single and lived in Boston, I heard Marianne Williamson speak at the Berklee Center for Performing Arts.  Something she said powerfully impacted me in my search for love.  I cannot remember her exact words, but she said something like, “Every woman can describe the man she’s looking for.  Think of that person in as much detail as you can imagine.  Now, picture the woman on his arm.  Before you can attract your ideal man, you must become that woman.”

Recall a key element of Law of Attraction regarding alignment.  Your ideal mate cannot manifest in your space unless the two of you are vibrating on the same wavelength.  If you want your man to be a great catch, you also need to be the type of woman he’s seeking.  Thus, you want to align with the energy of your love.


You both must resonate at similar energetic levels in order to unite.  Someone harmonizing with frustration and self-doubt cannot join with someone vibrating with confidence and enthusiasm.  If you desire your guy to be playful and passionate, you must raise yourself to his vibrational level.  Since you cannot control anything about him -- you can only control you -- focus on the parts about yourself you are willing to work on.

First, if you desire to be the woman your man is looking for, you might want to determine what you are looking for.  Most women have already made their list of what they are looking for in their man; however I encourage you to pull out your list and revisit it often.  You are presented with multiple opportunities on a daily basis to refine your preferences based on your interactions with others.  It could be that you’re talking with a co-worker, sibling, or friend about his or her relationship, and you think to yourself, I’m never going to allow that to happen in my relationship.  Bingo!  That’s a preference you have just intended, which you may want to record in your journal, or on your list of the qualities you’re looking for in your man.

Your heart knows what you desire, if you will give yourself permission to listen, verbalize it, and be courageous enough to ask for it.  However, I like to emphasize that while you want to be clear in your description of what you’re looking for in your man, make sure you leave enough room for the universe to pleasantly surprise you with the result it produces for you.  Your level of your self-concept or beliefs about relationships can get in the way sometimes when you invite love into your life, and you could unconsciously block your ability to receive based on those thoughts. Therefore, allow the universe to perform a little magic on your behalf and produce someone who blows you away with how wonderful they are and how much they love and adore you.

To help you get in touch with your highest potential and become the woman your ideal man is looking for, why not take a little time to answer these three questions:

1. On the arm of my man I am…(list all the things you notice about how wonderful you are with your ideal match.)

2. I am in the process of becoming…(describe the essence of your fully actualized self, as the best version of yourself you can imagine.

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