Are You Celebrating Your Love On Monday, February 17th??


Are You Celebrating Your Love On Monday, February 17th??
How loved and cherished will you feel on Monday?

Valentine’s Day was February 14th!!!! YIIIPPPPEEEEE!!!

And Monday is February 17th…YIIPPPEEEEEE!!!



I’ll explain.

How loved and cherished will you feel on Monday? How much passion will you create in your intimate relationship on Monday? How are you showing your partner that they are your number one on Monday?

Valentine’s Day is LOVEly! Don’t get me wrong, I love Valentine’s Day!

But let me ask you this….is it enough for you to just feel special to your partner one day a year? Just feel loved one day a year? Only feel that excitement of passion and desire one day a year?

I didn’t think so.

Here’s the thing….Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to put FOCUS and ENERGY into your relationship and experience the effects of that….feeling cherished and wanted, deepening our connection, experiencing the energy of desire for our partner and feeling them craving you!

What about the other 364 days of the year?

Now, I’m not saying that “every day should be Valentine’s Day” with cards, and presents and special plans.  But if you really ask your partner, they might tell you that while those gestures are wonderful, the best part about Valentine’s Day is not the stuff!

It’s the feeling of being cherished, desired, special, adored, wanted and truly loved!

Everyone wants to feel that way, all the time. And you don’t need to do everything you do on Valentine’s Day to make your partner feel that way on a random Tuesday.

Coincidentally, I’m writing this article during an ice storm here and we have lost power due to down trees and poles.   We live in an area with a lot of trees and we actually lose power often.  In fact, when we lose power here, we often lose it for 6 or more days at a time.  After Hurricane Sandy I think we were out of power for 12 days!  Don’t worry, we are used to it. We have a generator that keeps our heater running and our refrigerators powered.

Why do I mention this?  What does losing power have to do with Valentine’s Day?

When we lose power, my kids know that there’s no TV and very little time on tablets and games.  Since the house is dark, except the one light we have in the kitchen, we all usually hang out at the kitchen table.  We play UNO, we do puzzles and yesterday we played Monopoly!

It’s not exactly convenient to be without power, so I certainly don’t want to go through this every day.  But the “fun family time” that we get from being without power is really awesome!

So years ago, Paul and I put “off the grid” time into our week with the kids.  Of course, we do all kinds of things with the kids, but once a week (most weeks) we come together and play a game or do something completely “unplugged” as if the power was out!   We also incorporated “unplugged” play with them into each night before bed!

We took the “gift” of the power outage and added it into our regular lives to enhance our experience with our kids!!

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Stacey Martino

Relationship Coach

Stacey Martino helps people who feel stuck, frustrated and helpless with the challenges that intimate relationship brings. Stacey firmly believes that it absolutely does NOT take two to tango, that one person can significantly shift the dynamics of the relationship. 

Through targeted, strategic private coaching, programs and events for her Relationship Transformation System™, Stacey empowers you to transform your intimate relationship without needing your partner to participate in order for this to work for you!

Trained and certified by Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, Stacey is a certified marriage educator and divorce preventionist. Stacey is a sought-after relationship expert appearing on numerous media outlets and telesummits and is the Relationship Expert for Aspire Magazine.  Download Stacey's free audio program, “How to Transform Your Relationship in Eight Steps” at


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