How Happy is Your Kid's Bedroom?


How Happy is Your Kid's Bedroom?
3 Essential Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy and Happy In Her Own Space

At the same time, you want to make sure that if she has any artwork on the wall that it is positive and happy. It's quite nice to have a photo of the whole family together in the room, so that your child feels that she is part of something special when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up. I make particularly sure of this as Jude is my only child and we live in Santa Monica, California and the rest of the family are in England and Chile, so the photos in Jude's room make him feel that his family is close to him, even though they are all around the world.

3. How Do I Keep My Kid's Bedroom Tidy? 
Make sure that all your child's toys and clothes can be put away and has good storage space. So that at the end of the day the room is clear and your child can look around a clean room when he is about to fall asleep and when he wakes up. If you have a bed that has storage underneath, then use that particular space for extra bedding or seasonal clothes. You want to avoid storing toys or books under there as he will either have problems getting to sleep, have restless nights, or always be tired. Remember that all objects give off energy and some energies are more disquieting than others! Also make sure that you keep clearing out the old clothes and toys, so there is no sense of hoarding in the room. You can always rotate toys. We keep toys in the garage that we think Jude is finished with and if he misses them we bring them back up. If not we give them away.

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