Women, Know Your Worth!


Women, Know Your Worth!
This article addresses single women and encourages them to have high self worth.

I don't know what it is, but it seems as though us women have moved from a being pursued role to a chasing, a man role. We want a man to see how good we are, how great we do this, how nice our heart is, how understanding we are... not thinking that a lot of the time it is the man's job to prove this to us.

As I was sitting at a male friend's home this past weekend, someone that I have known for quite a while now. I sat there thinking to myself, I really do not know this person. Or worse, I really do not even like this person. He wined, he complained, and made everything humanly possible about him. Not once did he even ask how I was doing. Had he asked, he would have known that I had just gotten over a stomach virus the week before and missed four days from work. Instead, he wanted me to massage his back, get this, do that blah blah blah. Not once did he offer me anything, not even water. I sat and thought to myself, how I have missed this. How have I missed that this person is completely self-centered and only cares about what is going on around them in their own mind and bodies.


In my case, like I think is the case for many women, is that women feel that because we see a good shell on a man... By shell I mean a job, looks, their own place, sex, car, or whatever... we are willing to overlook aspects of their personality that does not necessarily go with our own personality or purpose in life. It really took time for me to say I am beautiful, I am smart, I am a home owner, I am pursuing a Ph.D, I am generally a kind hearted person, and the caring and love that comes out of me is not fake but 100% real... it has always been this way. I am a true kind of women... through my heart, mind, and spirit. I used to think everyone was this way, but through the ways I have been treated and through observation of those around me, I can now say I see how hard those attributes are hard to find.

I am uniquely and wonderfully made by the One and only true living God, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that not only do I deserve better, but God will give me better. Women out there you deserve better too.. This is because as it stands I am His, and the only way God will relinquish control is if it is to a worthy person. I do think that there is a huge generation of men out there that do not know what it is like to be men, head of household, or to be in their role BUT there are men that do, they are out there. I have learned that until you find the man that you feel is given to you by God, then why even settle for anything less. Marriage is permanent and it is meant to explain the way Christ loves the church, so settling for anything less because you do not want to be alone, is really short changing yourself and what God wants for you. He wants you to have the best, and the only way that you can get it, is by being the best. The only way that you can be the best is by learning from the best, and the best is Him... God. So when we are closer to God and we know God, when we know what mate God wants for us, and we do not waste time on those who mean us no good.

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