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Dr. Lisa Kaplin (CPC,ELI-MP,MS,PsyD)

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Dear Daughter: Love Lessons From Mom

A therapist and life coach sits down to write her daughter a letter about the types of men she should avoid — and how to know when it's the real thing. This is motherly advice we can all learn from. Dear Daughter, Throughout your lifetime you will run into lots of advice about how to ...

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Stop The Madness & Stop The Mommy Wars

There's an endless discussion of whether women who are mothers should work outside of the home or not. For many of us, it is a tiresome, useless argument that only serves to make mothers feel insecure regardless of their decision. The ...

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Are You Raising A 'So That' Child?

Every parent has chirped at least one of these demanding phrases — some would even argue that they're part of your parenting duties: "You need to get straight A's so that you can go to a great college." "You need to get a perfect ...

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3 Middle School Worries That You Might Not Need To Worry About

Middle school can be a terribly stressful time both for parents and for the child attending middle school.  There’s a lot of things that parents are told to watch out for in middle school and I think it might be easy to get too worried and ...

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2 Behaviors To Give Up For Better Co-Parenting

Parenting is hard work. Co-parenting is even harder particularly if you aren't in a loving relationship with the person you are parenting with. There are two common mistakes that most of us make when it comes to parenting discussions (or ...

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Articles by Dr. Lisa Kaplin
Life Coach: A Mother's Letter To Her Daughter

Dear Daughter: Love Lessons From Mom

Men are not fish... so stop trying to catch one!

Parenting: Stop The Mommy Wars!

Stop The Madness & Stop The Mommy Wars

Are you sick of defending your decisions as a mom? There's one way to stop the judgment.

Parenting Do's and Don'ts for Children's Success

Are You Raising A 'So That' Child?

Kids today are so focused on becoming successful adults... but what about a happy childhood?


3 Middle School Worries That You Might Not Need To Worry About

Know the difference between true middle school concerns and normal but unsettling pre-teen behaviors


2 Behaviors To Give Up For Better Co-Parenting

Are you sick of fighting over parenting issues? Here are a couple of easy tips to improve that.

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