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Teach Your Children To Be 'I Can' Kids

My youngest son (14 years old) plays on a club volleyball team. At his last tournament I couldn't stop watching a boy on the opposing team who had a truly killer spike. Later in the cafeteria, the boy and his mother sat down next to my family, and I noticed that the boy was missing an arm and wore a ...

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The Yes/No Method For Holiday Sanity

The holidays can be a glorious time for family togetherness, great food, beautiful decorations, and spiritual and religious growth. It can also be prime time for the dreaded emotions of resentment and guilt. What is it about the holiday season that summons up annoyance and aggravation to the point of ...

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Your Child Has No Friends... Now What?

At some time or another many parents realize and begin to worry that their child has no friends. We suddenly notice that they seem to be home a lot, their phone isn't ringing, or the kids we used to see at our home aren't coming over anymore. Maybe your child has never really had any friends, and as they ...

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6 Things Women Nag About (& Why It Doesn't Get Us What We Want)

It seems as though everywhere you look, there's a joke about the nagging woman. From family TV shows to hip-hop anthems to SNL skits, nagging is in the forefront of our minds. But is it true? Are women really just big ol' nags? We sat down with YourTango experts Lisa Shield and Lisa Kaplin to get to the ...

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Grateful Children; Three Easy Ideas

Every year as the holiday season approaches, I hear similar stories from the parents I work with and from friends, "How come my children are ungrateful little brats?" From years of working with ...

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Articles by Dr. Lisa Kaplin
Life Coach: Why Parents Should Teach Their Kids To Be Independent

Teach Your Children To Be 'I Can' Kids

Does your child know that they can overcome limitations, or are they an "I can't" kid?

Personal Development Coach: Coping With Holiday Stress

The Yes/No Method For Holiday Sanity

Are you ready to give up guilt and resentment and actually enjoy your holidays?

Parenting: Your Child Has No Friends, Now What?

Your Child Has No Friends... Now What?

How can you help your child if she's struggling with friendships?

Nag Free Week: How To Stop Nagging Your Husband & Kids

6 Things Women Nag About (& Why It Doesn't Get Us What We Want)

Figuring out why you're nagging may help you figure out a way to stop doing it.

Family Night

Grateful Children; Three Easy Ideas

Grateful children?Here are three easy ways to turn your children from greedy to grateful in no time.

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