Unexpressed Feelings Never Die


 Unexpressed Feelings Never Die

In the beginning it was uncomfortable but relatively easy.  It didn’t necessarily come naturally but we kept reminding each other that we both felt it was the best policy.  It was amazing how things that would previously have brought about intense negative emotion for me became relatively easy to let go of.  It was also amazing how frequently I misinterpreted my boyfriend’s behavior and how often I thought he was feeling one way when in fact he was experiencing something entirely different.  Talk about eye opening experience!  You mean I can’t read minds???  What the heck!! J  I believed we were definitely on to something.  The discomfort I felt lessened over time.  But as we all know it is relatively easy to get along with someone you haven’t known for very long. 


The day did come when we had our first argument.  Our emotions were engaged much more so than they had been over the course of our relationship but our disagreement was still of relatively little consequence.  It took more effort this time to really be honest about what I was feeling.  After a short period of time though we both chose to acknowledge our irritation and share what we were experiencing.  Rather than fighting we simply spoke calmly about what had irritated each of us that resulted in our contention.  As we talked the tension lifted quickly and we were able to move on pretty easily. 


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